Shape Shifting into Odinists…

In Nature we find ourselves.. Photo Credit: Vladimir Arkhipov
In Nature we find ourselves.. Photo Credit: Vladimir Arkhipov

It is interesting to note that due to a bastardization of our beliefs by Christians and their Semitic controllers, the idea of shapeshifting has been associated with “evil” and witchcraft, but this is merely another example of hatred of European culture, one of many. For millennia untold, our folk have believed that our Gods and demigods can transform themselves into the form of animals, plants, and other aspects of Nature, and change mortals into other forms as well.

There are countless examples of shape shifting in our legends, of the idea that our ancestors and Gods and mystical beings can appear to us in any form, from Daphne’s metamorphosis into a tree, to the mysterious morphing  from seal to selkie (a humanoid were-seal), to Zeus appearing to Danaë as a shower of golden rain.. Our Gods can appear as young or old, become beautiful or ugly, and in the course of some quest or other, these transformations serve to teach us many things about ourselves and Nature.

This war is one we must win.

This shape shifting tradition of ours is the source of a similar idea in the bible, whose derivative material was partly stolen from our legends.

Be careful to show hospitality to strangers because in doing so, some have entertained angels  unawares..

Hebrews 13:2

In the present Christianized world, the natural Heathen hospitality of our folk to others of our tribe has been hijacked and supplanted by a demented Zionist effort to destroy our own folk by giving away our nations and civilizations, and even our very existence, to violent people of other races who hate us and wish to use, rape, kill, and replace us.

Out of fear of being called “racist” some Europeans are allowing Jews to use immigration as a weapon to exterminate us in our own lands. Just what, exactly, would it take for European ancestry folk to rise up and say no, and mean it?

Perhaps the most pathetic thing of all about this ongoing Christian and Jewish led White genocide is that those of our own people who have been brainwashed to do so, eagerly go along with it, hoping to gain approval from a demonic Jewish god forced upon their ancestors or from the equally cultural Marxist secular world. They have learnt to hate their Gods, their ancestors, their wondrous culture and achievements, and finally, thanks to the cancer of Christianity, have come to hate goodness and normalcy itself. They have been programmed to “seek equality”, which really means actively collaborating with the extermination of all who are exceptional, namely their own race.

It is not hatred or supremacism on our part which has launched the current onslaught of racial hatred against Whites, but the envy, hatred, and supremacism of non Whites. We are expected to negate our own history and existence and actively cooperate with the annihilation of our own tribe, and even the memory of our tribe, degrading ourselves and our people in every way possible.

White cuck actor meant to serve as an example for our males, models submissive behavior in a Thanksgiving Supergirl episode. The Black actor forcibly stops him from joining resistance to alien invasion while the White cuck actor whimpers about how he had only wanted to “protect his family”. When others who resist are all shot en masse by one Black man, the White actor thanks the Black who prevented him from trying to protect his family for “saving” him. That is what Christianity has done, “saved” the cowards of our tribe from actually being responsible for defending our people.. This actor, who makes Milo Yannopolis look hetero by comparison, is supposed to serve as our guide to racial extinction, and be a role model for young White boys, so that they too can be queer slaves of Blacks and Jews instead of brave warriors who love and protect their families.

In Die Sechs Schwäne, a German fairy tale, a brave girl fights valiantly to save her brothers and bring them back into human form. They have been enchanted and turned into swans and the only way she can break the spell is to spend six years silently sewing six shirts out of nettles for them. During that time she is married to a prince, accused of witchcraft and cannibalism by her mother in law who had stolen her babies, and sentenced to be burned alive. The princess cannot defend herself because she must not speak lest the spell be forever set. At the last moment, when she is about to be burnt, the swans fly to save her. The princess had been able to almost finish the shirts, and she throws them over the heads of her brothers who become whole men again, the only exception being her youngest brother, who is left with one swan wing since his shirt is unfinished.

We have a similar task at  hand. We need to transform ourselves back to our rightful forms. Whatever it takes, it will be worth it to stand erect and free again.

The valiant princess seeks to save her kin. She does not falter, weaken, or give up until she has accomplished her goal, whatever it takes.

This became abundantly clear to me after watching just a few minutes of Talmud-vision inadvertently this evening. It was part of a series called Supergirl in which a blonde and beautiful, but apparently brain dead “Supergirl” attempts to help stop “hate”, which can roughly be translated to stopping the continued existence for White Europeans, because after all, White European people defending ourselves is now “hate”. A group called “Children of Liberty” (the name intended to demonize the idea of liberty while they are at it), is composed entirely of White blonde men, and serves as the villain “domestic terrorist organization” of the piece.

Black men easily shoot down the Whites who actually fight against the invasion of their lands in this staged Jewish dreamscape, even when there is only one Black against six White men, because OF COURSE, White men must play the role of inferior weaklings, while Blacks are presented as strong, masculine, and victorious.

Another Black chains up a White blonde man who resists the invasion in a shower and tortures him, while the White blonde man cries and begs. Yet another White blonde man thanks a Black man for stopping him from joining the resistance group, which he said he had wanted to do in order to protect his family, saying that all the people in the resistance group had been killed. The message is clear, “Resist us enslaving and genociding you and you will die, goy!”

Heathen Wolves make short work of their enemies and the Christianized curs who seek to deliver our people up to them, without so much as a fight. It is time to remember who we are.
Heathen Wolves make short work of their enemies and the Christianized curs who seek to deliver our people up to them, without so much as a fight. It is time to remember who we are.

The authority figures in this sick show are, of course, all Black women and the participants in Supergirls’s Thanksgiving party are mostly White women, and Whitish women, with all the males being non White, mostly Blacks. The message is clear again.. “this is normal, goyim and you better get used to it!” At the finale, we see Super Whore lamenting the fact that although the alien children were saved from the evil White men who actually did want to protect their families, that the evil White men were still promoting “hate”.

It is far better for us to choose our role rather than have it chosen for us…
In order for our people to survive and protect our planet from the parasites who would destroy it, we must transform ourselves . In the video below we see how the fanatics chasing the wolf, the Christians, are the ones who get what they deserve ultimately. What else can we do after all? If we are hunted we must fight, and we are hunted. There will have to be some blood on our coats before we make ourselves and our world free again.