And Nero fiddled while Rome burnt… the Self Indulgent Passivity of the Christianity Scam.

Jew god decides we are sinful, and wants to punish us and torture us, but doesn’t because it’s better to guilt trip us and make us destroy ourselves… and (((oy vey))) there is less liability!

I’m not trying to be unkind to Christians… really I am not. In fact, a Christian pastor gave me this leaflet, and warned me judgement day was coming, no doubt trying to be a good shepard and get some extra points with the Jewish “god” by making what he thought was a convincing argument to a sinful Heathen such as myself, namely that history and archaeology proved Christianity was true and all other actual religions false. When I explained that even if there were a Jew hell, I mean apart from the one we currently reside in, that is, I would still not choose to betray my folk for a foreign god, he seemed a bit taken aback.

This well meaning man next spoke about Christianity giving him peace, and this was something that I agreed with him on. In some Christian churches, especially those built on holy ground where once our sanctuaries and sacred groves stood, before Christian usurpers defiled them, there is a feeling of peace. In some cases sincerely well intentioned people have meditated and prayed there, and so, a lingering serenity can  be discerned in the atmosphere, just as a feeling of horror and desolation can quite naturally be felt at a crime scene. But is seeking peace the highest good? Certainly not… honor, responsibility, survival, helping one’s own beloved people… all of these are greater aims. Seeking and achieving a self indulgent peaceful “feeling” may be nice, but its not exactly an aim worthy of an adult man, particularly when our nation is infiltrated and controlled by Zionist Jews, and there needs to be a war to free our people from them. 

Like Christ Cucks who are off praying with Africans while their wives and daughters are being raped by them, Nero is infamous for indulging himself while his people suffered and died in a great fire. The reason this was considered immature, cowardly, and treacherous in the ancient Heathen world is because it is.

It may have been mere propaganda, but history has it that Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. The idea was that Nero, being a ruler and a man, should have acted. Is this not exactly what Christ cucks are doing? They know very well our nation is occupied. They see the vile, crude and crass material being presented on television and in public schools to pervert little children, and they must know that the Jews who are responsible for the mass immigration meant to racially replace their own relatives and descendants are laughing their heads off at them…. but they just watch.

Such Christians are smugly secure in their certain knowledge (-; that after death, they will be rewarded for their inaction and tolerance of the forced mass promotion of utter fifth and of a literal invasion. Ironically the boon they are promised for selling us out is being surrounded by traitorous passive Jew worshipers like themselves after death. If that is not hell, I cannot imagine what would be, so I hope they get their wish. They certainly deserve it. After all, its easier to just go along with the prevailing devilish occupation, and they can, after all, find all sorts of magical Jew book words to recite which condone their own inaction and treason, and even make it seem heroic.

What can we do about this? Firstly, we should recognize that some of these Christ cucks are basically intelligent and moral folk, in whom a seed of doubt of their cultural Marxist brainwashing can be planted, simply by reasoning with them, and that this often bears fruit. Sadly, we must also face the fact that dedicated Jew worshipers who know the truth, but continue to betray their own ancestral Gods and our people, are our deadly enemies, morally lower than the Jews themselves, for even Jews do not betray their own. We must act accordingly to protect ourselves, bearing in mind that since Christians have no concept of honor, but only of obedience to the “god” of our enemies, they are potentially highly dangerous to our kin and ourselves.

Poor dears. I am going to try to get them some nice plump antelopes instead.

Christians consider putting this foreign god above their families and themselves the highest good, and this makes them willing to be fairly excessive at times, and to engage in a racial disloyalty that beggars description. They are capable of behaving much like Muslims, who, also being afflicted with a Jewish slave religion, at times suicide bomb for much the same reason Christians betray their own folk, to be rewarded in heaven by the same Semitic demon god.

Many thousands of our people have been dispossessed of their lands, have had their freedom of speech and religion taken away, and have been tortured and killed by Christians. It is a religion which fully embraces the envy to these fanatics. The most committed Christians have chosen this path because they know full well that if they had to live in a Pagan European world, one based on honor and merit, rather than one in which the cultural Marxist Christian world view takes precedence, those who are innately inferior and dishonorable would not be given first place at the expense of their betters any more… and might have to actually accomplish something, and… quelle horreur…  even have some innate ability to start with. In a world based on meritocracy, it would soon become naturally and abundantly clear that everyone is not equal.  

Since dedicated Christ cucks are supposed to take up their crosses and follow their leader, Jew-sus, I can only suppose this means that the best way to help them is by crucifying them so that they can go to Jew heaven. Arminius and Varus, for example, crucified tens of thousands of Jews together. This was an excellent tribal bonding experience in which European tribes recognized a common enemy and acted. If these were Messianic Jews, it had the additional virtue of helping them achieve their dream of going to Jew heaven as martyrs! While such genetic dead ends as Jew worshipers seek their own destruction and ours, fortunately, those of us with reason and common sense can choose to seek life, liberty, and prosperity for our tribe and ourselves. May our Ancestors find our efforts worthy and may we see Victory! 

In the movie, the Wicker Man, Heathen settlers help a buttoned down pajama clad virgin policeman to achieve the great privilege of martyrdom