Līgo, Latvian Song of our Heathen Soul..

I’m often told by Jew worshipers that Christianity is the dominant religion, and sometimes it is even suggested to me that it is European, when of course, nothing could be farther from the truth.  The reason that we have blasphemy laws, “hate speech” rules and laws and the like, is because Christianity and its attendant cultural Marxism cannot survive open debate. The very idea of “hate speech” is bias since it is only Christianity that names the experience of emotions, and defense of personal, tribal, and racial honor as “sins”. Facebook and other Jewish owned social media platforms, and our U.S. Justice Department itself, seek to enforce Christianity and make it into a state religion, flagrantly violating our Constitutional rights. 

This is why I have been banned from Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit… because if there were real intellectual freedom, it would soon become clear that Christianity is not even a real religion, but a control mechanism to make us better slaves.

Real religions, tribal religions, are based on actual spiritual experiences, traditions , and history… They do not have to steal the rituals of other religions and place a Jewish supremacist god over them who oh so conveniently allows no other Gods, and demonizes our ancestral deities as “devils”, nor must our true religions be imposed by force upon pain of death, as was Christianity. They are as natural, pure, and beautiful as the Earth itself in its natural state.

Guess what will happen if the White Europeans whose ancestors built our civilizations  become a minority in our own lands?

So often now in our modern world we do not have much of a chance to hear the voice of Nature. So many things get in the way, and so much of our input is managed by those who activity hate us and wish to degrade us, to do us harm, and kill us. At best, the people below are moronic zombies, at worst they are fully invested in the total destruction of all that is worthwhile in this world, and this would not be democracy. We do not have a democracy. or even a republic, and “majoritism” is not liberty. We are an occupied nation and the “fake news” does not get any more fake than our Zionist owned media. 

Since we are essentially slaves of the Jewish controlled FED and Israel, it is hard for many of us to make ends meet financially, and to have time to practice our traditions, or explore their true meaning. Our lives and the survival of our culture itself are endangered as a result. We cannot flourish or even be who we are in the absence of our own tribal identity.  Those of us who are fighting our Zionist overlords have almost no time at all, but remember that there are yet large numbers of our folk who still hear the the music in the wind, the thundering reeds, and whispering grasses, and who feel the presence of our Gods, those to whom our ancestors, our Gods, yet speak. We have not yet lost that connection and we should keep it. 

The Latvian trio of Goddesses, reminiscent of Celtic tripartite Goddess traditions. 

This Latvian song is about restoring our fertility and spiritual strength, our life essence. It asks for the help of the Goddess Māra,  an Earth Goddess, a Goddess of Darkness. She is known us in the Scandinavian and Germanic tradition as the Goddess Hel, the great one who guides the souls of dead to the afterlife from the Netherworld on the shores of a sacred lake. It is a place of death and creation, a place where one can travel to other worlds. Here are the words..

Tumsas māte, miglas māte līgo, līgo,
Aiz ezera velējāsi līgo.
Dun bauzīte, čukst vālīte līgo, līgo,
Ievelk mani niedrājāi līgo.
Viegli gāju pār ūdeni līgo, līgo,
Kā spārnota gaigaliņa līgo.
Zelta niedri zinādama līgo, līgo,
Viņā krasta galiņāi līgo.
Nu atbridu, nu atradu līgo, līgo,
Zeltniedrīti nolūzušu līgo.
Jaunu meitu vainadziņi līgo, līgo,
Dučiem vīta krastmalāi līgo.
Tumsas māte, miglas māte līgo, līgo,
Pacel savu villainīti, līgo.
Lai redzēja mīļā Māra līgo, līgo,
Kā niedrīti dziedināti, līgo.

Here we see the glory and majesty of what is real, a Pagan Pantheist melody, not a Christian one. The true voice of our folk survives, and if we close our eyes and open our hearts we too can see the sacred lake and experience the love of our High Ones for us, the glory of this world. The song of Nature cannot be denied… It cannot be silenced. Hear their voices… for they are the voices of our own people and Gods. Already in Eastern Europe there is a Heathen publication with 50,000 subscribers. Our numbers soon will be as vast as the grains of sand along the seashore… and we shall be unstoppable.