The Jewish Rape of Europa vs the Awakening Lion…

In a more innocent age, at times, as part of ancient Greek marriage ceremonies, a man would ritually abduct his bride in a chariot, taking his beloved to live with his family. This is why the word rape, in ancient Greek usage, could sometimes mean “seduce” or “marry”. Of course this does not stop antifa, feminists, and other assorted social justice warriors, who hate any sort of normal sexuality, from denouncing ancient works of art portraying what they sarcastically call “heroic rape” and suggesting that it is a means to sanitize and glorify actual rape. This is somewhat bizarre because, in effect, all these SJWs do is promote rape of European ancestry women by means of non White invasion, more or less constantly, while at the same time pretending to care about women’s rights.

The “Rape Culture” feminists clamour about so mindlessly and assiduously, is actually White genocide. It consists of non White men violating White children and women, by beating, raping, and killing them, something that occurs in every European heritage nation that non Europeans are allowed to enter daily, and not just in a few cases, as mentioned by the video below, but in massive numbers.

Sweden is the rape capitol of Europe now, and there are cases in Sweden in which White women have been raped when already dead by Somalians, and where small blonde children, toddlers, have been raped in public swimming pools where they were perfectly safe before this onslaught of “refugees”. In one case, in Germany, a small White boy was raped by a Semite, an Arab, who was let off because it was said that he had not understood that what he was doing was illegal.

More than a thousand ethnically English small girls and young women beaten, raped repeatedly, and forcibly prostituted in Rotherham were ignored by local police, who did not wish to appear to be “racist”, and this abuse was allowed to continue. Pakistani and other Arabs gang raped small British girls with impunity, drugged them, beat them, threatened their families, called them foul names, and even sold them from a vehicle they called a “slagmobile”, while British authorities did nothing but cover it up.

In the USA alone, according to Department of Justice statistics, 36,000 White women were raped in one year by non White men, while in the same year, less than 10 non White women were raped by White men. This is the tip of the iceberg since many rapes are not even reported by victims. It certainly is not the”White men” who are responsible for this epidemic of racially motivated rape, child rape, and murder, and yet, the utter trash who actually hate women and children, and who are the real “racists” because they hate women and children on the basis of their ethnicity being European and their skin being White, are as silent as the grave.

Fresco of the abduction of Europa by Zeus in the form of a bull, 1st century CE, Casa di Giasone, found in Pompeii, currently resides in Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli.

Certainly, seduce is closer to the meaning in the tale of Zeus’s transformation into a bull to abduct Europa. In our ancient European world, respect and love for worthy women was the norm, and rape was rare. The only known instances of genocide by race mixing in our history are the result of actual forced sex, actual rape, by invaders. Inter-racial rape, and even consensual sex between European ancestry women and non White men, is almost always an act of hatred and defilement. Such acts are commonly committed against the weakest members of an envied and hated race when done by non White man because these perpetrators do not dare fight our men. The instances of rape of White women by non White men have increased imeasureably to an epidemic scale due to:

  • 1). Almost exclusively Jewish orchestrated non European mass immigration to White nations, and only to White nations. This effort is, quite simply, an attempt to defile, degrade, and decimate the populations of European ancestry folk in our own lands.
  • 2). Promotion of violence against White women by non White men in the media as a sort of inter-generational “justice” or reparation for supposed ancestral crimes of Whites, such as “slavery” and “colonialism”. The existence of non White slavers, the fact that the Jews changed laws to make slavery legal in the U.S. and owned the slave ships, that more than a million White Europeans were enslaved by Barbary pirates, that Whites are the only race ever known to fight to stop other races being enslaved, and the flourishing White sex slave industry in Israel, are blithely ignored. These efforts to condone the rape of White women and children, and incite violence against us, are made in the 97 percent Jewish owned media as a hostile act meant to cause actual physical harm to White European people.
  • 3). The almost exclusively Jewish- owned pornography trade, which models inter-racial sex as a norm, and especially the rape and degradation of White women by Black men, serves as a blueprint for actual crimes and as a form of incitement. It also is designed to waylay the normal development of same race sex attraction in young European ancestry people, and to brainwash White men into thinking inter-racial sex and rape of White women is normal and acceptable. In the past, such obvious hatred and attempts to harm women and children of our race would have resulted in immediate death for the sick monsters who made it. Jews also are the main force behind snuff films which sexualize the rape, torture, and murder of White women and little girls. If there ever were a real “hate crime” this would be it.

The video below shows us what our struggle to survive is about. As I have said for years now, it is not about hate, but about love. If you do not love enough to protect your own family… your own folk, that is not an authentic love, and means nothing. If you cannot stand up for your family and tribe and for the truth, because you are afraid of being called a “racist”, you are the slave of the opinions of idiots who cannot reason, and of your enemies, and you have never loved, and you have never been, or ever will be, free.

I am a European ancestry woman and I have been removed from social media, particularly from Facebook, and my account banned for objecting to race hate motivated rape of European ancestry women  by non Europeans. This article talks about just one example. .


Here is a more recent example.

Above you can see my censored response to a hugely promoted post about how White women who say they are raped by Black men are all “liars” and should be “jailed”. Not only have my posts and videos been suppressed, for years now, but my response to it was not allowed.

Our ancestors created the civilizations we live in for us, and would have wanted us to be safe in them. Allowing parasites who feed off us and force our people, and even our military, to be financial slaves and mercenaries for Israel, is not in our best interests, to but it mildly. We actually have paid for a wall in Israel so Jewish women will be safe, and for weapons for Jews, while Jews are disarming our people and interfering with us building a wall to save our ladies from harm. Not protecting our borders so that the White European ancestry women who are their descendants would be raped and killed was not what our ancestors had in mind.


Needless to say, Christianity, which is certainly not a European or pro European religion, does nothing but help with this effort to rape our people and culture to death. Catholic priests who rape multiple children are “forgiven”, and their victims paid off, and this is done in so many cases that those who donate to the Church might want to consider what it is, precisely, that their funds are being used for.

Protestant churches liken the so called plight of the economic invaders they refer to as “refugees” to that of Joseph and Mary in order to guilt trip White Christians into accepting every kind of abuse from those who wish them nothing but ill. White Christians are allowing their own tribe to be impoverished, assaulted, and sometimes killed while serving as slaves to people who have plenty of resources in their own lands. Astoundingly, the Christian reaction, when their children are murdered out of racial hatred by Africans, is to consider themselves abnormal and sinful (as did the father of Channon Christian for feeling hatred for those who murdered his daughter). “Cuck” does not even begin to describe it. For more, read…


Sadly, what is actually happening here is that European men who are afraid to fight have been given a get out of jail free card by Christians and our ever- present Jewish media. White men who protect their families and nations are considered violent extremists. White men who tolerate anything, including the rape of their own daughters and wives, and even their sons in some cases, are “good Christians” and “good goyim”. The same ego and advantage bait and switch was used after WW2. Men who knew what actually happened were encouraged to keep quiet and be viewed as heroes, rather than point out that the war was a monstrous Jewish orchestrated fraud based on lies, meant to trick us into murdering our own people so that Jews could more easily destroy us all.

Hidden Holocausts of World War II

Meanwhile, no one cares about the girls and women who are really assaulted and killed because the victims are White and the perpetrators are not. Somehow this makes it shameful to complain because, after all, just about everything in the world is the fault of White people, right? Our Jewish controlled government has it down to a science. After being assaulted by Blacks, assuming they survive, White women in the U.S. even are given state sponsored therapy sessions in which they are told that it was “not about race”.

Since Israel has a theocratic philosophy, the idea that enslaving and raping White women and girls is wrong does not fly. The holiest of Jewish books, the Talmud, assures Jews that raping women, and even children, is not wrong as long as the victim is not Jewish, and the perpetrator is. “WomanToGo” in Tel Aviv, Israel, offers White women and girls, many abducted from Eastern Europe, as sex slaves. They are offered for sale with a price tag that includes age, weight, measurements, and country… If you are an American taxpayer, these people are being hugely funded by you even before their profits from raping and selling children and women of your tribe. Your tax dollars are, in some cases, being used to buy women and girls of your own race for Jews to rape.


As Whites become a minority in some areas of our own lands, conditions become astronomically worse. There is no disadvantage to fighting this onslaught in every way possible. If you are a White person who goes around saying “I am not a racist” to appease your enemies, you really need to wake up. Being White alone is enough reason to be targeted, whether you kneel down to those who wish to degrade, use, and kill you or not, and we shall not forget those who betray our people either.

This is the idea and it is being promoted for a reason. For more detailed information and evidence about this topic, and its history, see see our WHITE GENOCIDE page.

Who will fight for the freedom to protect our women and children, and for that matter, stand against the demonization of our brave men, and for our right to own our own nations, if we do not? The answer is “No one”.

Rape Refugees and Feminism or Real White Men and Meritocracy… A Call for the Protection of our People…