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When we called the Air Force Academy Public Affairs Office, we were treated in a bizarre fashion, and not even allowed to ask a simple question, as you can hear in this recording. It would seem there is a two tier system policy in which Jewish owned media is treated with respect, cooperated with, and even given to different personnel, while European owned media is rudely hung up upon. Below is the first recording.

Here is our letter of complaint, written to the Pentagon representative who gave us the contact details for the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs.

Dear Major Reba Good,

Our main website, despite the fact that websites are generally less popular than videos, received 6,399 views yesterday. That is a fairly significant number for any media organization and I am an Oxford educated scholar, and an American citizen. One would think that I or other representatives of our organization, deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect as does our religious organization, and its media work, since, after all, we represent many U.S. citizens, and air their views and inform them about developments affecting their particular religious and ethnic group, accurately and honestly. Why were we treated differently from Jewish owned media and hung up upon rudely when we questioned this policy?

A recording was made of the conversation, as this was legal in both Hawaii and Colorado. “Ray” needs to be fired. We wish to make a formal complaint.

Best regards,

Seana Fenner

Below is our original article, about the outrageously unconstitutional behavior of Lt. General Silveria, who, apparently with the U.S. Air Force’s approval, is abusively and illegally demanding a State Religion of Diversity for U.S. Air Force cadets.


We spend a great deal of time fighting for the rights of  European Americans and other European ancestry folk to practice our native religion, identify with and act for our own tribe, and associate with and care for our own people.  A couple years ago, we protested against the violation of the free speech rights of  Mr. Lenio of Montana due to him being charged with  “criminal defamation of the Jewish race” and we succeeded in getting this charge dropped.

Mr. Lenio was charged with this unconstitutional “crime” which could have carried a sentence of 15 years if convicted for stating that:

1). He did not see why his tax dollars should go towards killing Palestinian babies.

2). The “Holocaust” is a lie (which it is ).

3). Jews own the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank (which they do)

For more on this repulsive case of the violation of our free speech rights, and that of Frau Ursula Haverbeck, see here.

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The most notable struggle of this kind in America currently involves the Antisemitism Awareness Act, a treasonous act, passed by our entire Senate unanimously, which equates criticism of Israel with “antisemitism” and takes away our national sovereignty, and also establishes enforced belief in the Jewish version of the Holocaust as a state religion.

Please see the article in the the link below for more on this act of treason.

Never Mind the NFL… Jews do an End Run around the U.S. Constitution and use False Flag Testimony to Promote Jew Wars

There are a great many human rights abuses against European people in Zionist controlled governments in Europe as well. They are part of an attempt to racially replace and ethnically cleanse native Europeans word wide. You can read more about this topic in the video and page linked just below if you wish.

The Most Censored Video, Cucked Britain

White Genocide

Now we have the U.S. Airforce attempting to enforce anti-White bias in general, and to foment anti-White aggression, and hatred of Whites in non European ancestry people. At the same time their representative, Lt. General Silveria, attempts to inflict psychological harm in the form of tribal self- hatred in European American cadets. This is being done by the means of ignoring and demonizing our right to associate with others of our race as a group and act for and protest for the rights of our own people. There is even an implied demand that we should not protest against hate-filled ghoulish attacks on monuments to our fallen soldiers. Apparently, the Air Force has a policy of condoning and promoting anti-White bias and hatred.

We are supposed to listen to these same sound bytes over and over again in our 97 percent Jewish owned media. Now the Airforce thinks they are going to force feed this Religion of Diversity to us too?

The following letter is an open letter of protest to the U.S Airforce for their outrageous, unconstituional  forced “diversity” religion.

Now certainly, in an Airforce Preparatory School, an administrator is entitled to tell the cadets not to engage in disruptive behavior, if indeed they even did so. We find that very often such incidents are staged, for instance, there have been several incidents, some at universities, in which Jews have drawn swastikas on their doors, then claimed that they were being attacked with “antisemitism”, wasting untold police hours, with the ultimate result being that the security camera footage revealed that the student did it himself, or in one case, herself.

Our native European religious symbols are sacred to us and are not “hate symbols” in any case, so this itself is insulting and shows an unacceptable bias on the part of the authorities. No one is referring to the cross as a hate symbol, despite the fact that massive numbers of people of many different races were horribly killed during the enforced spread of the Judeo-Christian religion, nor is anyone calling a star of David a hate symbol despite the fact that Jewish Communists, for example, genocided 15 million Eastern European Ukranians.

So, regardless of whether this incident was staged or not, and we suspect it was, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria does have a right to tell students not to misbehave, but he most certainly does not have the right to tell them what they should think, feel, what attitudes to have, or to tell them, in essence , that they must follow the Christian religion, or leave.  We are not Christian and therefore we do not hold universalist views, but a tribal world view, and we are entitled to have that world view and religious belief and tradition.

Lieutenant General Jay Silveria is an administrator, not a preacher, or other religious leader, and yet we see him aggressively and threateningly demanding that the cadets and others follow his religion and philosophy, something which he is not legally entitled to do. The First Amendment of the Constitution ensures that no state religion shall be established and all military personal swear to uphold the Constitution.

The values of the Constitution, which are those of freedom of religion, free speech, the right to bear arms.. are not consistent with the values he is seeking to enforce.  He is attempting to curb freedom of speech and religion and proscribe what it must be, not to ensure actual religious freedom or actual intellectual diversity. He is not legally entitled to demand that a cadet, or any other U.S. citizen, have particular world views, religious beliefs, or to establish a state religion of Christian universalism, nor are any other military or government personnel. We ask that he be reprimanded and make a public apology to the tribal Pagan community, and to us in particular, or be demoted or relieved of duty, or both. He is wildly overreaching his authority, and it is a grave insult to all people of tribal religion.

To cover relevant aspects of his speech in detail…

-I do not tend to use bad language myself, however, constitutionally,  we are entitled to use bad language or even racial slurs if we wish. Certainly  it is reasonable to demand proper behavior in an educational institution, but those cadets in question and any other U? S. Citizens are entitled legally to say or think anything they want in other settings.  That is what free speech is. The Constitution is the highest law in the land and the government is not empowered to direct our speech or label some speech good or bad, or hateful or not hateful, or illegal or legal. It does not have that authority.

If a person wished to be a national socialist, to hate other races, and so on, all of this would be one’s legal constitutional right in the United States of America.  The U.S. government does not have the right to demand that we feel particular emotions either. The idea that hating is evil or a sin is Christian. Other religions do not share that belief. The First Amendment guarantees us the right to practice our own religion and have our own freely held beliefs. In the speech above, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria violates that right, by demanding that we all hold what are essentially Christian values, despite the fact that we are not Christians.

For example, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria begins his tirade by demanding that 5000 people should be “outraged” at racial slurs. This touches upon our right to free speech and thought and religious views and intrudes upon it. He has the right to state that no one should write racial slurs as graffiti, but he does not have the right to say how anyone should feel about it, or in any way dictate what emotions or opinions U.S. citizens should have.

-Next, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria states that the appropriate response to what he refers to as horrible language and horrible ideas is a better idea. Again, this is gross overreach on what his authority is. Certainly he is entitled to demand bad language not be used, but he does not have a right to decide which ideas are bad or good or to police anyone’s ideas, not his staff, not cadets, or his colleagues, or any other American citizens. The Air Force has no “thought control” authority.

-Lieutenant General Jay Silveria then mentions “things like Charlottesville, Ferguson, and protests in the NFL” and states this is “why he has a better idea”. Clearly, he is referring to the idea of racial unrest and protests. Of the three things mentioned, he said “the Dean brought people together to discuss Charlottesville”.

One wonders if the African American led riot and African American led protests were not mentioned since he only mentions Charlottesville, which had European American participation. If so, one wonders why only the European American led protest (a protest against the defacement and attacks upon the statues of Confederate soldiers, which is ILLEGAL because they are classed officially as veterans), needed to be discussed.  One would hope that in this case, the U.S. Military would be on the side of not defacing monuments to U.S. soldiers and of upholding the law, and yet our enquiries have given us the impression that this was not the case, and that instead, the Airforce was on the side of “any color but White is right“.

So, the impression being given here is that African American protests (which are legal) and African American riots (which are illegal) are both perfectly acceptable and do not need discussion due to some races being more “equal” than others, while European American protests against illegal acts defacing monuments to dead U.S. soldiers is something that needs to be discussed, because European Americans should not have a right to legally protest as Blacks do.  Lieutenant General Jay Silveria plainly states that discussing the issues of the Charlottesville protest is a “better idea” the implication clearly being that African Americans have the right to protest, both in a legal fashion and illegally though riots, but that European Americans do not have a right to look after the interests of their own people.

As ancestral Pagans who honor our ancestors as Gods in religious rituals, we are furious. Some of us have ancestors who were on the Union side and others on the Confederate side, or both, and our ancestors are precious to our folk. Defacing grave monuments, and digging up the bodies of U.S. soldiers because their skin color is too pale, and implying that we do not have a right to protest about this, and that it is somehow of less importance than some probably staged graffiti because of our skin color as well, is obscene.  European Americans have the right to associate and protest,  just as any other ethnic or religious group, and if Lieutenant General Jay Silveria does not like it, he is the one who better “get out”.

In the next phase, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria, goes into a full- on religious rant in which he attempts to set up diversity as a state religion. We do not intend to tolerate this gross abuse of our rights as American citizens, and if nothing is done we shall take legal action. Here is what Lieutenant General Jay Silveria says…

But I also have a better idea.. and it’s about diversity, and the power of the diversity. The power of the 4000 of you and all of the people that are on the staff tower and lining the glass, the power of us as a diverse group, the power that we come from all walks of life, that we come from all parts of this country, that we come from all races, from all backgrounds, gender, all make ups, all upbringing, the power of that diversity comes together and makes us that much more powerful, that is a much better idea than small thinking, and horrible ideas.

What Lieutenant General Jay Silveria is saying here is that European Americans, and ONLY European Americans, identifying with and acting on the behalf of their own unique ethnic group is “small thinking” and that replacing the unique ethnic group of European Americans with people of other races is “big” or “good” thinking, while preserving and protecting the racial and cultural group who founded this nation would be “small thinking” and “horrible ideas”.  This is the literally the promotion of genocide.  It also is implied that non Europeans protesting or rioting violently is acceptable because that is not addressed as an issue, only “Charlottesville”, a watchword for “European American Identity” and “European American protest” is presented as “small” and “horrible” .

This behavior on the part of Lieutenant General Jay Silveria, in which he targets the rights of European Americans specifically, is a human rights violation in accordance with the United Nations Article II definition of genocide, specifically the following sections.

(a). It is clearly implied that African Americans rioting and killing European Americans is acceptable, but European Americans protesting about destruction of their ancestors graves out of racial hatred is not.

(b). It is clearly implied that harming members of our ethnic group mentally or physically is not just acceptable but morally praiseworthy.  Lieutenant General Jay Silveria is doubtless causing psychological damage to many of the young European Americans forced to listen to this outlandish anti-European tirade. He is actually suggesting that if they do not avoid speaking and acting in favor of their own race, and do not actively and publicly hate their own race, and collude with its genocide, they need to leave the Airforce and the nation their ancestors founded.

(c). This speech’s content also touches upon section c, which is “deliberately inflicting on a group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or part”. Allowing all other racial groups but European Americans the right to organize to protect their interests and protest to protect their rights, and only targeting Europeans, while allowing all other racial groups to exercise their Constitutional rights and act as a group to protect the interests of their own people and defend them, demonstrates bias. There clearly is a desire to limit the rights of European Americans and render them second class citizens, and this is obviously based upon racial bias. In his speech, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria is even implying that other groups are allowed to harm the group that has been rendered without rights, and that this is morally good, since he seems to cast a negative light upon White European protest, but strangely leaves out any censure of Black African protest. Clearly, his abusive, racially biased speech, and demands that European ancestry Americans relinquish their rights and loyalty to their own tribal group “or leave” is designed to cause physical and mental harm, and place the targeted group in a “less than human” category which would ultimately result in the extreme marginalization and ethnic cleansing of that group.

“Diversity”, despite its actual scientific meaning being somewhat different, is used here as a euphemism for multiculturalism and multiracialism and for the racial replacement, marginalization, and ethnic cleansing of European Americans, which is something that Lieutenant General Jay Silveria clearly believes to be a “good idea”. The majority of U.S. citizens do not believe that racial replacement of our unique ethnic and cultural group is a “good idea”, and Odinist European Americans consider it an act of war against our religion and race. Lieutenant General Jay Silveria does not speak for us, nor does he have a right to dictate his personal “values” of anti White hatred and his Judeo- Christian “values” to us.

-Next, this outlandishly megalomaniacal, out- of- control officer, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria, attempts to suggest that all of the people at the lecture, people of all different world views, races, and religions, have the same values (!),  which would presuppose that he has the right to dictate his values to all of us and demand we share them. There also is the implication that he, as a representative of the Air Force, has a right to tell us what values to have.  The only values the military requires are that one have loyalty to preserving and upholding the rights in the Constitution, but he is demanding the exact opposite.

Unbelievably, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria then follows this bizarre statement in which he assumes that everyone has the same values, his values, with the idea that everyone (except him apparently), must treat others with dignity and respect.  We are not required to have Christian values but he is required to treat cadets and others without racial and religious bias himself.  He has not done so. He even states that his values, which he implicitly demands others share, cannot be questioned. He states…

We have an opportunity here, 5,500 people in this room, to think about what we are as an institution. This is our institution and no one can take away our values. No one can write on a board and question our values. No one can take that away from us.

So just in case you are unclear on where I stand on this topic, I am going to leave you with my most important thought today. If you cannot treat someone with dignity or respect, you need to get out. If you cannot teach someone from another gender, whether that’s a man or a woman, with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. If you demean someone in any way, than you need to get out.  And if you cannot treat someone from another race, or a different color skin, with dignity or respect, than you need to get out.

At this juncture, General Jay Silveria , demands that everyone get out their cell phones and record him. Yet again, while he has the right to demand that there be standards of good behavior, General Jay Silveria does not have a right to dictate  what the values of any American of any race or religion, much less impressionable cadets, must be. Americans do not have shared values or beliefs. Diversity of opinion means just that. Not everyone agrees with General Jay Silveria. He is not a religious leader, or military dictator, but an Airforce officer, albeit hopefully not for much longer.

After the phone demand, General Jay Silveria continues his sermon.

So that we all have the moral courage together, all of us on the staff tower lining the glass, all of us lining this room. This is our institution. And if you need it and you need my words than you keep these words and you use them, and you remember them, and you share them, and talk about them. If you cannot treat someone with dignity and respect, than get out.

Actually it is not his institution or that of the people he is speaking to. The U.S. military was created for the defense of the American people, not for the enforcement of a state religion, the expansion of the borders of Israel, or any other purpose outside of our own national interest, the national interests of those who created this nation and its Constitution..

Odinists do not believe that everyone is deserving of respect, nor do we have to. We believe that respect is earned, and we are entitled to that belief. We wonder when General Jay Silveria, who clearly has no respect for anyone, and treats no one with dignity,  but instead degrades others while inflicting his state religion upon cadets and staff, is going to take his own advice and “get out”?

Since writing this, I have learned that my suspicion that this graffiti was faked has been confirmed. A Black student wrote “Go home Niggers” as graffiti. 

For more about fake hate crimes, watch Cucked Britain.
For more about fake hate crimes, watch Cucked Britain.