Rumor Control

As anyone who had any dealing with Zionists knows, the Jewish owned media has a habit of excluding any actual pro-European view, even to the point of making up false opposition so that real opposition can be hobbled. Since I am genuine opposition, I have been banned from Vimeo, Reddit, PinterestGoodreads, Twitter, and FaceJew more times than I can easily count, and in some cases permanently.

Now the European Union has banned hundreds of results from my websites as well, leaving only slander and libel pages and one result that they thought was politically correct since it contained the words “cultural appropriation“, not realizing that I was referring to cultural appropriation of European Samhain (Halloween) customs by non Europeans. Because of all of these excessive Jewish bannings and cover ups, I thought it was time for a little rumor control as well as restoration of posts that can be less easily deleted, hence

I am far from the only target, but our Zionist governments do particularly dislike me because I have good credentials and nothing they can use against me, so they have had to resort to making things up.  For example, Christian Identity, a group of Zionist operatives involved with the U.S. government IMHO, have posted a libel movie and slander pages about me for years.

Interestingly, some of the people who appear to be leading this effort, including William Finck and Michael Delaney, have criminal records, including robbery and murder, which leads me to speculate as to whether or not they might have received lessened jail time in return for playing “White nationalist” while entrapping, slandering, and libeling real White nationalists.

Legally, I am perfectly entitled to state this very relevant information in defense of my reputation, which they have attacked multiple times with outright lies on websites such as and in the infamous “whore” video . This video alone has been posted, quite literally,  at least ten thousands times.  Please note that this is not a conflict as such. I do not even know these people. These are unprovoked attacks against Odinism, our organization, Odinia International, and against anyone who dares to post our articles and videos.

Whomever these persons are, they wish to silence any opposing view or facts that they do not want known in order to preserve Christianity, which is the fail-safe plan of the Jews in their genocidal war against us. After all, if European people actually knew the truth about Christianity and how it was imposed, and started looking after our own interests, hating our enemies. and doing something about the attacks upon us, instead of beating our swords into plough shares, things might prove difficult for them.

Since they have a virtually inexhaustible source of resources to fund all these attacks in the form of the Jewish owned FED (which is feeding off of all Americans), these attacks are hard to counteract, but I’ll make a statement here since many people have asked me to. Simply put, no, I am not a lesbian, a Jew, a whore, etc., and I did indeed attend the University of Oxford, and no, I was not thrown out, but received a degree (unlike Bill Clinton). There is absolutely no substance or evidence whatsoever supporting the claims these Jew worshipers and Jews have made about me.

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  1. Inbred parasites like (((Ben Shapiro))) should go back to Israel, which should then be bathed in nuclear fire. Hitler did nothing wrong. The holohoax never happened, but it should have, and it will soon.

    All the christ cucks care about is molesting little boys. They are 100% homosex. Feminism is cancer. I am a Klansman with money in the bank. Don’t even step to me. Paco, you have to go back, and the wall just got ten feet higher. MAGA!

    Gas the kikes
    Race war now

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